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Hard Decora

Mini Rainbow Assault Blaster

Mini Rainbow Assault Blaster

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A powerfully bold mini prop for your belt loop.

Make narrow minded jerks taste the rainbow with this aggressively cute Mini Rainbow Assault Blaster! We won't stop being different. We'll just turn up the dial. ;)


Process & Materials: This prop was spray painted creating a pastel rainbow gradient. Charms attached using industrial strength adhesive. Chain attached with metal lobster hooks and can be detached. 

Size: 9 in wide x 5in height

Chain Length: approx. 1.5in

Prop Base: plastic 




Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. Though these items are created from toys they have been transformed into art pieces meant for adult costumes, photoshoots, and fashion statements. These items must be handle with care and in appropriate environments meant for costuming.  

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