Hard Decora is an aggressively cute illustration brand by Chicago based artist, Kamilah Jones. Under her brand name, Kamilah has released apparel, comics, accessories, and modeled for various Japanese alt-fashion brands like Acdc Rag, 6% doki doki, Listen Flavor. Hard Decora’s apparel has been featured in Anime St. Louis, Akon, Otakon fashion shows and at a pop up shop in Japan’s galaxxxy store to name a few. Hard Decora: The Comic can be read on Webtoon and bought on her website as well as Quimby’s and Howling Pages bookstores.

Besides her brand, Kamilah is personally involved with bettering the j-fashion community by founding projects like International Decora Day, Kawaii Rebels Club, and O-kei Podcast.

In her off time, Kamilah likes playing cozy games and watching pro-wrestling.

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