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Hard Decora sells apparel, comics, and accessories around the idea of being aggressively cute. Explore the dark side and the bright side of kawaii fashion all in one experience!

Don't forget to check out her other projects like International Decora Day, Emptying the Clips Comic, and Kawaii Rebels Club hosted alongside friends of the j-fashion community.

Hard Decora: The Comic on Webtoon

Hard Decora: The Comic is a comedic coming of age story following Michelle, a kid who wants to join an alternative fashion girl gang called Hard Decora. You can read Hard Decora:The Comic on Webtoon and buy a physical copy in the shop!

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Celebrate International Decora Day!

Celebrate decora fashion with world on the last Saturday of July! 🌈✨A festive day founded by artists @decorademon and @hard_decora

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Emptying the Clips Comic

Monthly comics documenting the trials and triumphs of 2 decora kids! Created by @decorademon and @hard_decora

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Kawaii Rebels Club

Kawaii Rebels Club is a social events organization based in Chicago that curates events and meets for local fashion revolutionaries.

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