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Hard Decora



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Hard Decora takes mini bat toys and decorates them in charms, premium spray paints, and hand drawn illustrations transforming them into aesthetic accessories. Decoration themes include Magical, Candy, Rainbow, Mermaid, Creepy Cute, Galaxy, Unicorn, and Sweet Dreams with color schemes and more chosen by you!  

These over the top pieces will take 6-8 weeks to complete depending on the communication and feedback between us.


The Details

Step 1) Pay for your custom Hard Decora prop on my website choosing how many colors you’d like to have.

Step 2) I will email you a form to fill out with all your specifications. You will be choosing a general theme and color scheme for me to create a unique design based on.

Step 3) With your completion of the form I will move ahead with spray painting the prop and getting any other supplies. You will receive an email update with pictures of how I spray painted the prop. You get 1 revision on color.

Step 4) Once the paint is approved by you, I will organize the charms on the prop without adhesive/explanation of other artistic additions and send photos of my draft.

Step 5) After the draft is approved by you, I will execute the final design and send you a final update for you to look over.

Step 6) Once you approve the final product your Hard Decora Mini Bat will be shipped within 2-3 days and BAM you're enjoying your new look!

For more free range customization please wait for the Ultimate Custom commissions to open. If you have any questions please email me at


Prop Base Details

Length: 18 in

Weight: 7.6 LB

Prop Base: wood


 Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. Though these items are created from toys they have been transformed into art pieces meant for adult costumes, photoshoots, and fashion statements. These items must be handled with care and in appropriate environments meant for costuming.  

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