Life Updates

Life Updates

Hard Decora Life/Business Updates <3

Wassup folks! Long time no see! If you’re reading this you have either noticed or are now curious about what I’ve been up to since early August when I made my last post to the big 3 social media sites. After making social media my top priority for 3 years straight posting either once a day or close to it a regular “detox” as they say wasn’t going to do it. I needed to get really away so I could be in touch with creating art and outfits for me again. The 3 month break did me much good to say the least and I won’t be coming back to social media the same way. Maybe I’ll make a post about the revelations I’ve had since researching the “attention economy” on my break but I’ll save you the rant for now lol. Let’s get into what’s been up with me.


Business Updates: COMICSSSSSSSS

Just because I haven’t been active on social media doesn’t mean I haven’t been active on Hard Decora! The date of Hard Decora:The Comic launch on Webtoons will be announced on Nov 17th. That’s when I’ll start promoting it officially which is dumb soon! Over my break I’ve been creating a buffer for both the Webtoon and the coming soon after Patreon. Not only is the artwork done but all the promotional blog posts every other post is based on is done too!

Did I tell you I’m going to start blogging? Ok well I’m blogging again after a long pause and only a short run of it years ago.

This new start relates to my goal of creating “slow” media before “fast” social media and valuing my email subscribers/long time fans more in practice. In short this means I will either create a blog post/webtoon post then send that out to email subscribers/patrons then post on Instagram/Facebook and maybe do a live. I want to finish something significant before I post and not to only be creating for sms content.

Hard Decora deco weapons will come back. Sorry I ghosted you on that in the summer x_x I think I figured out a better system for creating those pieces where I get more creative freedom and you get a cool art statement. More on that after my comic/patreon launch. Same goes for adding more products in my store in general.

Emptying the Clips comic got an Honorable Mention in the MICE EXPO’s indie comic grant competition! Even though we didn’t win any money we will still bring the comic to a print format in the near future as well as maybe hosting it on Webtoon. We’re also working on an attached Discord community for decora kids by decora kids to keep the good vibes going from International Decora Day.

Life Updates: 30 and Flirtyyyyyyy

I’m 30 now. Officially still an adult-adult in jfashion and I don’t feel it waning any time soon. I didn’t post about it on the day but I had a great time with friends and family. Took a bunch of outfit shots lol Maybe I’ll write about that outfit here eventually.

Over the summer I took a seasonal job doing caricatures at the zoo which is the inspiration for the outfit in this post. It was cool working there near the animals and it led me to another animal related seasonal job at PetCo! I feel like I might stay at PetCo for a while so I can specialize in animal care in some way but we’ll see. I realize now that I don’t like art jobs outside of Hard Decora 😅 If I’m working a second job I’d like something interesting in retail where I get to socialize and bring that life experience back to my work. I have a few characters that love animals so this job is great research.



Thanks for reading my update! Remember to look out for my comic update Nov 17th!

What have you been up to since August?  



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Love your outfit! I’m a tiny bit jelly of all your Lisa Frank gear 💗 I also turned 30 (ish 31 is close lol) I made a huge decision to start weaning myself off of medical marijuana and let my card expire. I could still buy recreational in my state if I wanted but I’m making steps to get to my dream job which is a 911 dispatcher. Still trying to get thru my huge storage unit and sell some winter items that I don’t need but that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. I can’t wait for the next update!


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